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Recreate your home to suit your needs

Does your growing family need more space? Consider adding a new build to your home's existing structure. You can create aesthetically pleasing, custom-made additions that fit into your home with our help.


Haynes Constructions has vast experience in building and redesigning homes around Norfolk or Suffolk. Choose us to re-invent your property with our home refurbishment services.

New build services for you

  • Garage additions

  • Porches

  • Bathroom and kitchen additions

  • Utility buildings

  • Extra rooms

  • Suite additions

  • Room additions

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Bring your ideas or get expert advice

Have a design idea in mind? Come to us and we'll help you realise it. Let our experts carve beautiful spaces in your home. If you're located in Norfolk or Suffolk, give us a call and get started today!

From choosing the right plan to completion of your project, we'll keep you engaged at every step.

Translate your ideas into reality with Haynes Constructions.

Whether you want your home renovated or want a block paving service, we'll cover it for you. We specialise in a variety of home restoration services such as kitchen remodelling, eco-straw walls and K-Rend coating. Talk to our team to get started on your home refurbishment.

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